Howie Day to perform with Ayla Brown in Plymouth

10 Jul
Howie Day

Howie Day

Singer-songwriter Howie Day, who is best known for his top 40 hits “Collide” and “She Says,” will be making his debut performance at the Spire Center for Performing Arts in Plymouth, Mass., on Saturday, October 11, 2014. Ayla Brown, who placed 13th on the fifth season of “American Idol,” will open the show. Purchase tickets HERE or through the venue’s website HERE.

In late 2004 and early 2005, Day was everywhere. Stop the World Now, his second album, went gold and the hit song from that record, “Collide”, became Epic Record’s first platinum single with 1.5 million downloads. For several months, “Collide” was ubiquitous, appearing on the soundtracks of popular television shows, Cold Case, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones and One Tree Hill, as well as the promotional trailer of new adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Day, who infiltrated the Boston Coffeehouse circuit at 17, developed a huge college fan base and opened for the likes of Sting, Sheryl Crow, and Tori Amos, exploded into the national consciousness.

But of course, there’s more to Day than that. Known for his powerful one-man shows, Day connects with audiences through his charm, humor, and warm tenor voice that “soars into fluttering, high registers, but also grates with real, pleading grit,” as one critic put it. Now with a third album under his belt and even more new material recorded since its 2009 release, Day has a lot more to listen to. Come see what he’s been up to!

Ayla Brown (Photo by Michael Sparks Keegan)

Ayla Brown (Photo by Michael Sparks Keegan)

Like Day, Brown is a singer-song-writer who has accomplished many things in her young life. After placing 13th on season 5 of American Idol she made hundreds of personal appearances in the New England area and developed a very strong musical fan base. She is a supporter of a Massachusetts-based military non-profit, called, Hugs for Heroes, Inc., and gave a portion of the proceeds from her seven-song EP, Heroes & Hometowns, to the non-profit. Brown also serves as spokesperson for the Songs of Love Foundation, an organization that creates free, personalized, original songs to uplift children and teens who are facing tough medical conditions. Sponsored by Hilton Hotels, Brown is currently traveling all over the country performing for local morning TV shows and ‘staying in style’. She is also busy writing for her next album, and is excited to be performing at The Spire.

The Spire is located at 25 ½ Court Street in Plymouth. The venue features superior acoustics, custom state of the art lighting and sound systems and original period architectural details, offering patrons an exceptional performing arts experience. Tickets will also be available on the day of the show at the venue.

The October Accord gearing up for Vans Warped gig

8 Jul
The October Accord

The October Accord


Hailing from Blackstone, Mass., The October Accord is an alternative/pop-punk band consisting of founding members Kerri Gross (vocals) and Holly Desautels (guitar), as well as Josh Remillard (guitars), Austin Eskeli (bass) and Taydon Kennett (drums). The band was founded in 2010 and has established itself as an “energetic” live act with a loyal following throughout New England. They were semi-finalists in this year’s annual WBRU Rock Hunt and will be performing this Thursday, July 10th, on the Break Thru Music Stage at the Vans Warped Tour in Mansfield, Mass. We recently caught up with Holly Desautels who was kind enough to answer questions for us on behalf of the band.

Limelight Magazine (LM): The October Accord is going to be performing on the Break Thru Music Stage at the Vans Warped Tour in Mansfield, Mass., on July 10th. How excited are you about being able to play this highly coveted concert?
Holly Desautels (HD): We are beyond excited to be playing the Warped Tour this year in Mansfield! When we got the news that we were invited, we basically went crazy for a few days. We had to keep it a secret for about six months. That was hard [because] we just wanted to tell everyone! It’s so amazing to be playing alongside of some of our favorite bands!

LM: Earlier this year, you were selected as a semi-finalist in WBRU’s annual Rock Hunt. Although you didn’t end up winning, what was that experience like for everyone in the band?
HD: WBRU Rock Hunt was such an honor to perform in. It was so cool for us knowing that we were chosen out of so many bands because people genuinely liked our music. I think that was probably the biggest thing for us, knowing that we were playing a show where we had earned a spot through the hard work we put into making our songs as likeable as possible. It was awesome to be able to meet [WBRU Program Director] Wendell Gee and the rest of the BRU crew and also the other bands playing! They are all such great people.

LM: While we haven’t seen the band perform live yet, we’ve heard the word “energetic” used a couple of times to describe The October Accord. What sets your live performances apart from other local bands?
HD: We try to be really fun on stage. That way the crowd wants to have fun with us. Our drummer Taydon really helps us out with that because he plays with such energy. It really lets us and everyone else feel the beat. We also have some really cool new effects that we will be using on stage starting at our next few shows, but everyone has to be there to find out what they are!

LM: What do you like most about performing live?
HD: Performing live is just really fun over all. The best part though is when the crowd shows us that they like what we are doing and they sing, or dance, or jump along with us. It really makes it worth the energy we put into it ourselves.

LM: The band has been together for a few years now. How did the band originate and why did you decide to call yourselves The October Accord?
HD: Kerri and I had talked about starting a band ever since middle school when we used to take guitar lessons at the same place. It all really started when we found out our friend Jesse could play drums. For a while we just played in my basement with either Jesse and I while Kerri was away on vacation or all three of us. Sometimes we would invite other people to play too. Eventually we found two other people who we really liked to play with, and they stuck around for a pretty long time. We had our first show in October (2010) at a Halloween party in my back yard and that was when we finally decided to be more serious about being a band. We all agreed that we all wanted to see where we could go with it, hence, The October Accord!

LM: You’ve had a few line-up changes, but things seem to be consistent now. What makes this line-up of musicians work?
HD: This line-up has been so good for us because we are all so similar and we are all really good friends. That’s honestly probably the biggest thing that makes this line-up so perfect for us. Being close friends makes it easy.

LM: You released a video on Jan. 1, 2014, for the song “Better Off Without You.” Why was that song selected for a music video? How long did it take to make? Did you have fun making it?
HD: We chose “Better Off Without You” because we had just recorded it as a single at No Boundaries Studios with Chris Piquette. We loved the song so much that we decided to release it in the form of a music video, as well as on iTunes, Spotify, and many other websites. The video was really fun to make. We worked with Mitch Gamache, who I met during my first week of college. He was so fun and friendly to work with. Overall, the music video was very fun to shoot and only took us a day to film. Mitch stayed up the entire night and had the whole thing put together for us the next day!

LM: What are some of the band’s immediate plans after the gig on July 10th?
HD: Two days after Warped tour we are playing an acoustic set at The Middle East with The Stolen! Then we will be at the Lucky Dog in Worcester on July 24th and we also have some really cool shows coming in August too, like Cumberland Fest. We’re finishing up our EP the two days before Warped Tour, so we will be releasing that soon after as well!

LM: What are some of the band’s long-range plans?
HD: In a few months, everyone will be heading back to college, but we still plan on keeping up with the band. We will travel from school to play any bigger show opportunities that we get. We still plan on working to get the band to keep moving forward and getting our music as “out there” as possible, even if it takes a bit longer.

LM: Lastly, what’s the best part about being in this band?
HD: The best part about being in this band is definitely who I’m in it with. Whenever we are together, I can always count on many laughs and a good time. I couldn’t ask for better friends to be doing this with.


New England to perform first full-length concert since 1983

1 Jul

Photo - New England banner


New England is a four-piece rock band from Boston, Mass. The lineup includes John Fannon (guitar and vocals), Hirsh Gardner (drums and vocals), Gary Shea (bass), and Jimmy Waldo (keyboards and vocals). The band released their self-titled debut album, New England, on Infinity/MCA Records in 1979. It was produced by Mike Stone and Paul Stanley of KISS and contained the Top 40 single “Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya.” After touring throughout most of 1979, they released their second album Explorer Suite in 1980 and their third album Waking Wild in 1981. The band also spent a lot of time on the road, touring with bands such as AC/DC, Journey, Kiss, Rush, among others. They eventually broke up due to a lack of support from their record label. While the band reunited for a few short sets since then, New England is reuniting for their first full length concert since 1983 at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Mass., on August 15, 2014. We recently caught up with the band during rehearsals for this show in Boston. We’re very grateful that every band member answered all of our questions and we look forward to catching the show on August 15th. For tickets, click HERE.

Limelight Magazine (LM): New England is performing its first full length show since 1983 with all four original members at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA, on August 15. How did this reunion concert come about?
John Fannon: Although this will be our first full headline show in over 30 years, we did a charity event last year playing about six songs and it was like we were frozen in time. Rocking like it was 1979! We knew we had to play more and here we are.
Hirsch Gardner: We’ve done a couple of shows over the years, usually just a short set of some of our most popular tunes. We had such a great time playing together and hanging out that we thought a full show would be great for us and the fans.
Gary Shea: We had played a few benefit shows over the past few years the most recent one being last summer at The Cafe Royal. We decided it was time to have fun playing more than the occasional gig.
Jimmy Waldo: We have actually been playing every year since 2005 in Boston, but not a full show.

LM: Did you ever expect to perform again with all four original members?
John Fannon: Yes, I always knew we would. It took a long time traveling down many individual, artistic paths but we have come full circle and are having a great time hanging out together and most important playing music!
Hirsch Gardner: Yeah…it was inevitable. Not only do we love playing together but the comments from the fans on the social media sites were inspiring.
Gary Shea: There has never been talk of performing with anyone else. It would never be the same. We are lucky that we all are very involved in the music business live as well as in the studio.
Jimmy Waldo: Yes, we have always been good friends and worked on each other’s projects. It was always in our minds to get together and start playing again.

LM: This past week you’ve been rehearsing in Boston. How have rehearsals been going?
John Fannon: Rehearsals were great. We could feel that same energy we always had. Playing these songs I think we all felt, “wow we were pretty dam good!”
Hirsch Gardner: Once we stopped laughing, joking and horsing around, rehearsals went great. It takes a lot of work to get some of that muscle memory back in shape, and just getting in shape physically is a challenge. New England is a very powerful and intense musical endeavor.
Gary Shea: Again this is not our first get together, that was back in 2005. The rehearsals went very well and this concert is the first time we will be headlining again and doing our whole show and we are very excited about that.
Jimmy Waldo: These rehearsals have gone great. We’ve had a blast playing songs from all three albums. The chemistry we’ve always had was there.

LM: What can fans expect from New England at this show?
John Fannon: Everything they remember and more. Playing live, New England has always sounded just like the “record” coming through a giant stereo.
Hirsch Gardner: Like I said, it is very powerful and intense. We play the same now as we did back in the day. This ain’t no mamby pamby cover band and we ain’t taking any prisoners.
Gary Shea: We are going to perform some material that was recorded on our albums but never done live in concert. It`s going to be a blast for us musically and hopefully our fans will really enjoy it. Also, it’s a very audience friendly venue where we will all be up close and in person. No bad seats or sound.
Jimmy Waldo: A lot of energy. The songs we have picked for this show are really rockin’ and we will be doing some totally acoustic songs as well.

LM: Is this a one-off show or is there a possibility of additional tour dates in the future?
John Fannon: There will definitely be more dates coming. We are committed to playing new and old music together into the future and beyond!
Hirsch Gardner: We’ll play as opportunities arise.
Gary Shea: We have been back together for a few years and logistics are now prevailing that allow us to play together much more than before. We are very excited about that. We hope to get around the country again, as well as Europe and Japan where we also have fans.
Jimmy Waldo: We will be doing more shows as well as some European and Japanese shows.

LM: Has there been any consideration yet to recording new music?
John Fannon: Yes we are working on some new material and will be playing a new song at the show.
Hirsch Gardner: We have and hope to release some by the time we gig.
Gary Shea: Yes, we have been working on new music over the years and may do a new tune live. Playing a new song live before recording it always hones the arrangement and content.
Jimmy Waldo: Yes, we have been working on new material for the last year or so. We all have studios which makes it very easy to collaborate on new material.

Photo - New England debut album

New England’s self-titled debut album

LM: Your debut album, New England, contained the Top 40 single “Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya,” which is the song most people associate with the band. What was it like for the band having success right from the start?
John Fannon: It was a dream come true…I remember our caravan of truck, cars and tour bus driving to one of our first headline shows in Denver and “Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya” came on the radio. We all stopped on the side of the road, got out and were dancing in the streets. It was such an awesome feeling. We knew “Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya” was playing all around the world and there it was in real life!
Hirsch Gardner: Dream come true. Touring with the likes of ACDC, Journey, Rush, Cheap Trick, Kiss and headlining venues like Santa Monica Civic, The Fox Theater in Atlanta. It couldn’t have been more fun.
Gary Shea: Ha! This band was together for 10 years under a few different names, playing all over the Northeast, Canada and the Midwest. There was no overnight success. We actually broke up in 1975 and reformed in recording only mode for three years to get a record deal. That`s when we had six major label presidents and managers coming to our studio in Braintree, Mass. It was then that we chose to call ourselves New England, for musical influences and knowing that if any band around here dared to use that name the had better be damn good. It was very exciting to tour all the arenas in North America and be accepted as a peer to many of the great bands of the time. Very rewarding and humbling. We also made some amazing fans over the years that are coming across the country to this show.
Jimmy Waldo: It was amazing. We grew into it very quickly with all the touring we did following that record. Our first 20 or 30 shows were all headline shows in 2,000 to 4,000 seaters.

LM: That album was produced by Mike Stone (Queen, Asia) and Paul Stanley of KISS. What was it like working with both producers?
John Fannon: It was awesome! Mike was recommended to us by Brian May and we all loved how the Queen records sounded so we obviously said “bring him on” and he did not disappoint. Mike was not only an incredible engineer, but also a wonderful person to be around. We became great friends. Paul Stanley brought star power and confidence to the project. Even though our music was 99 percent developed and arranged going into the recording sessions, his input and presence was invaluable! Paul also gave us a taste of celebrity status just hanging out with him in L.A., NYC, and London. It was a magical time for the band.
Hirsch Gardner: Mike was a genius at the board. The sound of our first two albums still stands up with some of the best productions today. Paul was also great to work with.
Gary Shea: It was very inspirational to have a team with major experience recording and a successful track record making heavy rock music. We had other offers but we chose Mike and Paul for their commitment and love of our music. We had a great time recording in L.A. New York, and London. When the album came out, it was very rewarding after so much sweat, tribulations, vision, and hard work to see it do well for us.
Jimmy Waldo: Mike was an amazing engineer who had done some of the best bands on the planet. Paul came from a more musical place as a writer and performer.

LM: Does anyone in the band still keep in touch with Paul Stanley?
John Fannon: No, we don’t. I wish we could.
Hirsch Gardner: I stayed in touch with the KISS guys after New England for a short while. Jimmy, Gary and I put together a band with Vinnie Vincent when Gene (Simmons) suggested we get together with him. Other than that there has been no contact.
Gary Shea: Over the years we have seen each other on and off. I last saw Paul last summer in Detroit on the Kiss/Motley Crue tour. We share the pride in knowing we all did a great job together and made some enduring music.
Jimmy Waldo: Not really.

New England's second album Explorer Suite

New England’s second album Explorer Suite

LM: When bands have success right out of the gate, there’s usually pressure from the record label to create another hit single. How much pressure was placed on the band when you recorded your sophomore effort, Explorer Suite?
John Fannon: I wouldn’t say we felt any pressure. I think the timing was a bit sudden and surprising because we were having so much success touring. Once we were home we just continued to do what we loved to do. Create new music. I will say with great regrets, I don’t think the record or management company knew what they had with Explorer Suite. It went right over their heads and yet this is still critically acclaimed as one of the best classic albums of all time. Kind of bitter sweet.
Hirsch Gardner: Well if there was pressure from the record company there was as much amongst the band but not pressure in a negative way. We wanted a hit single and worked very hard to achieve that.
Gary Shea: Every band is faced with the second album pressure. We were lucky in that we had a lot of material plus new songs we were working on at that time. Of course the label wants success again, we all do. Our problem was never the music. It was the roller coaster of the music business itself.
Jimmy Waldo: Elektra wasn’t as involved in the process as much as we would have liked. They really liked and accepted the record that we delivered and decided on “Explorer Suite” as a single, based on Queen’s success with “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

New England's third album Waking Wild

New England’s third album Waking Wild

LM: Your third album, Walking Wild, was produced by another big name musician, Todd Rundgren, who stripped the layered production of the first two albums. Was this a conscious effort by him and the band to go in a “leaner” direction or did it just evolve during the recording process?
John Fannon: That was a conscious effort of Todd’s. He had a very different style of production and sound. He did have some great musical ideas and direction for the songs especially vocal harmonies and string parts. We made this record in two weeks. Pretty amazing! I remember him telling me, “This is a great record. Don’t let Elektra F. it up.”
Hirsch Gardner: We had always loved Todd’s production and songwriting skills so I think that is what brought us to him. The album reflects all of that: his production style, songwriting and arrangements.
Gary Shea: We hired Todd because we were all big Nazz fans and having a very musical producer really appealed to us. There was no leaner decision, it was just how that music at that time needed to be built. There are still big vocal parts and strings bit like you say, it was just the evolution of the recording. That whole album by the way was written in two weeks at Todd`s Utopia Warehouse and recorded and mixed in under two weeks at his home studio in Woodstock. We are very proud of our achievement in pulling that off. The band had been playing together every day, all day, for over six years at that point and we were very tight musically.
Jimmy Waldo: I think it was a bit of both. We did a few songs, which had a more layered production on that record, which Todd really liked. But we also did songs like “Holdin’ Out on Me” and “Be My Dirty Dream,” which were basic rock and roll. They just didn’t need as much of a heavy layered approach as our first two records.

LM: Sadly, New England didn’t get much label support after your debut album. How much of an influence did that have on the band’s breakup at the time?
John Fannon: I think it had everything to do with the breakup.
Hirsch Gardner: By the end of the third album and tour we had played together since 1973. I think we were all pretty beat at that point.
Gary Shea: It was a huge factor. On both the second and third albums that were released on Elektra Records, the label picked singles that were not what we had envisioned. We chose “Conversation” on our second album for a single, but they said they wanted to showcase our musicality with “Explorer Suite.” Along with Todd on our third album, Walking Wild, we chose “Don`t Ever Let Me Go” which also featured Todd playing a guitar solo harmony with John. They chose “DDT” instead and a lot of female radio people didn`t like the humor and refused to play it.
Jimmy Waldo: We couldn’t continue making records and touring without a label’s financial support, so we decided to all pursue other projects. We didn’t stop working together because of personal issues – we had no way to make records or tour anymore. In those days there was no Protools, or high quality home recording. It was very expensive to make a record.

LM: Out of three albums you recorded, which one is your personal favorite?
John Fannon: Although I love all three albums, Explorer Suite is my personal favorite. My goal was to write songs that would give each of us even more space to showcase our creativity and diversity as musicians. I think we got there.
Hirsch Gardner: All of them. I still marvel over the playing, songwriting, sound of those albums. I’m a pretty big fan of New England!!!
Gary Shea: I like all three for many various reasons, whether it’s the song, the parts I played, or what was happening at the time. They are all great little stories and we gave them all our love and attention.
Jimmy Waldo: That’s a tough question. I really like all three for different reasons. All the songs on all three were really good. As a keyboard player, each album brought new challenges for me, which I loved.

LM: For anyone out there who is on the fence about coming to the show on August 15, what’s the number one reason why they should attend this show?
John Fannon: Rehearsals have been ROCKIN’. We still have that same powerful melodic sound and energy wrapped around great songs that has always been New England, and we are looking forward to debuting a new song! Come join us on August 15 at the Regent Theater in Arlington, Mass., strap on your seat belt and get ready for AN HISTORIC NIGHT OF POWER ROCK!!!
Hirsch Gardner: Who’s on the fence?!?!?! Give me there name and address!!!!!!
Gary Shea: Come down and see a real rock band that can play and sing its ass off melodically without sounding wimpy. No auto tune, no pre-recorded backing tracks, just four guys that have devoted their lives for that two hour moment in the limelight. We won`t disappoint.
Jimmy Waldo: We are a great band, that has great songs, and plays them live with lots of energy. We all love playing together and it shows. It’s a great show with lots of dynamics.

New England

New England


“Star for the Bay” performance video contest launched

30 Jun

Photo - Buzz Bay StarDo you have a talent you want the world to see? Are you a star, waiting to be discovered?

Here’s your chance to show the world what you’ve got!

The Buzzards Bay Film Festival and JKB Entertainment Group are inviting musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, and any one who wants to show their talent to enter “Star for the Bay,” a  performance video contest held every three weeks from July 3 until the end of summer. 

You are invited to submit 60-second cell phone videos of yourself or your friends showing off what you’ve got: great songs, hot dance steps, guitar solos, great jokes, your band’s catchiest tunes or any talent you think might win.


1. Your video must be shot in the Buzzards Bay watershed, or have Buzzards Bay as its subject (You can see the watershed on this map)

2. Your video must be shot on a cell phone.

3. Your video must be 60 seconds or less in length.


A pair of free tickets to one of these JKB Entertainment Group concerts:

Aug. 6 — The Zombies (featuring Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent) at Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA

Aug. 10 — King’s X at Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry, NH

Oct. 10 — Rusted Root at Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA

Oct. 11 — Howie Day with Ayla Brown at Spire Center for Performing Arts in Plymouth, MA

Nov. 22 — Cheryl Wheeler at Spire Center for Performing Arts in Plymouth, MA

Dec. 11 — Adrian Belew Power Trio at Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA


If your video has more votes than all the videos submitted that week, you’ll win one of our weekly Shoot the Summer 2014 cell phone video awards of a Gift Certificate from your choice of one of five Bay watershed businesses: 

  • New Bedford’s Rose Alley Pub
  • Quicks Hole restaurant in Woods Hole
  • Ryan Family Amusements in Bourne and Falmouth
  • Wareham’s Kool Kone
  • Salvador’s Ice Cream in South Dartmouth.


You’ll have a chance to win a $1,000 Grand Prize and a GoPro camera for the best videos of the summer! 

How to Enter:

Contestants can email their entries to the Festival at or through the Festival’s Facebook Page @BuzzardsBayFilmFest, or at our Facebook app here.

When to Enter:

Star for the Bay competitions will start on:

Thursday, July 3.

Thursday July 24

Thursday August 14

Thursday September 4

Submissions open those Thursdays. At the noon on the following Monday, submissions close and voting starts. Voting ends at midnight on Wednesday, and the winner will be announced on the following Thursday.

How to Win?

The winners will be chosen through Facebook and email votes. So spread the word and have your friends watch your video and vote on our Facebook Page @BuzzBayFilmFestival, or (link) or send in their vote to

Further Shoot the Summer 2014 contest details can be found at

Adrian Belew Power Trio coming to Fall River, Mass.

27 Jun
Adrian Belew

Adrian Belew

Adrian Belew, former vocalist and guitarist for King Crimson, is bringing his Power Trio to the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, Mass., where the audience will get a chance to see him in an intimate setting. In addition to brand new material, the live show will feature classics from Belew’s many solo albums, spirited improvisation, King Crimson favorites, and special solo moments by Belew.

Belew, a pioneering guitarist, composer, vocalist, and electronic artist, will be performing at the Narrows as part of a 22-date U.S. tour on Dec.11th in a show that will start at 8 p.m.

Besides Belew, the Power Trio features virtuoso musicians Julie Slick on bass and Tobias Ralph on drums. No one plays their instruments like this band and this show will rock the Narrows with a burning performance.

Belew first appeared on the guitar-world radar when he joined Frank Zappa’s band in 1977. His signature tones and influences are all over Zappa’s movie “Baby Snakes” as well as his biggest-selling album “Sheik Yerbouti.” His musical use of effects and whammy bar remains unique, and his techniques continue to be a huge influence on scores of guitarists.

From the late 70s to today, Belew has been on a wild ride through countless tours and albums with David Bowie, The Talking Heads, Paul Simon, and Nine Inch Nails, with whom he has appeared on three CDs. Furthermore, he was the guitarist, songwriter and frontman for King Crimson for over 30 years and an accomplished solo artist, releasing over 20 solo records that pushed sonic boundaries while maintaining artistic integrity.

As a special treat for the Narrows audience, the Adrian Belew Power Trio will do a post-show meet and greet with all ticket buyers in the main lobby.

Tickets for this show are on-sale now through the venue’s website,, or by calling the box office at 508-324-1926.

The Narrows Center for the Arts is located at 16 Anawan Street in Fall River, Mass. Parking is free.


Kristen Pierson Photography offers summer specials

22 Jun
Band promos by Kristen Pierson Photography

Band promos by Kristen Pierson Photography

Your artist/group image is crucially important. Photos define your band’s personality and music. Kristen Pierson Photography, whose work has been featured in Rolling Stone, Kerrang! Magazine and Limelight Magazine, specializes in photographing bands and provides professional images you will be proud to display.

Kristen will work with you through the entire process. By the end of the shoot, you’ll have more than enough great shots to use for anything you need.

For years, Kristen Pierson has worked to make personalized photo shoots fast and simple for both groups and solo artists, in natural settings that capture the true feeling of your music. Everything is done in a casual, easy going way so you can get the shots you need, when you need them.

Her professional photo sessions include but are not limited to:

- Group or Band Session

- Individual Artist (Press Photos, Portfolio Shots, etc)

- Group “Hang Out” Sessions

- Band Practice

- Live Performance

- Promotional Event Coverage

- Creative/Artistic

To see some of her work with local artists, click HERE or visit her website at

Please e-mail us at for more information. As an added bonus to this special offer, all artists/groups who hire Kristen Pierson Photography for a photo shoot will get a free clickable ad on the Limelight Magazine website for three months.

Influential rock group The Zombies to play the Narrows

1 Jun
The Zombies (Photo by Leo Cinicolo)

The Zombies (Photo by Leo Cinicolo)

When it comes to influential 60s bands, legendary British Invasion innovators The Zombies are right at the top with The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Now, 52 years after their formation, The Zombies, featuring original members Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent, are making their debut appearance at the Narrows Center for the Arts with a special full band performance on August 6th at 8 p.m.

Founded by Blunstone and Argent in 1962, The Zombies scored hits in the U.S. with “She’s Not There,” “Tell Her No,” and “Time of the Season.” Their 1968 album, “Odessey and Oracle,” is considered one of rock’s greatest albums, ranking 80 on “Rolling Stone” magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

The Zombies are also cited as being one of the most influential UK pop/rock bands of all time. Billy Joel, Paul Weller, and the band Badly Drawn Boy are just some of the artists that have been influenced by The Zombies. Their songs are covered regularly by artists such as Beck and Belle and Sebastian and have been used in numerous film and TV shows, including “The Conjuring” and “The Simpsons.” Aside from The Beatles and perhaps The Beach Boys, no mid-’60s rock group wrote melodies as gorgeous as those of The Zombies.

For this special performance, The Zombies will be performing almost every single gem from “Odessey and Oracle,” fan favorites, and hits from Blunstone and Argent’s solo careers, including the top 5 U.S. and U.K. hit “Hold Your Head Up.” This is a concert not to be missed.

Tickets to The Zombies can be purchased online at or by calling the box office at 508-324-1926. A limited number of VIP tickets that includes a meet and greet, photo op, and signing with Blunstone and Argent are also on-sale for an additional fee. Box office hours are Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. and during show times.


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