Limelight Magazine’s Top 10 Soundtrack Scores of 2016

Throughout 2016, Limelight Magazine started “Soundtrack Saturday”  on our Facebook page in which we featured a different soundtrack score every week from the past and present. After listening to nearly 200 scores that were released in 2016, here are our top 10 favorite soundtrack scores of 2016. What an amazing collection of music by some extremely talented composers!

  1. Neon Demon (by Cliff Martinez) on Milan Records


2. Midnight Special (by David Wingo) on Watertower Music


3. The Mind’s Eye (by Steve Moore) on Relapse Records

12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N]

4. Girl On A Train (by Danny Elfman) on Sony Classical


5. Don’t Breathe (by Roque Banos) on Lakeshore Records


6. The Witch (by Mark Korven) on Milan Records


7. The Invitation (by Theodore Shapiro) on Lakeshore Records (CD) & Mondo (Vinyl)



8. Conjuring 2 (by Joseph Bishara) on  Water Tower Music


9. Darling (by Giona Ostinelli) on Lakeshore Records (CD) & Mondo (Vinyl)



10.  Blair Witch (by Adam Wingard) on Lakeshore Records (CD) & Mondo (Vinyl)


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