Limelight to hold 4th annual music awards

You’ve read about some of the best bands in New England during the past year in Limelight Magazine. Now, you have the opportunity to see some of them perform and be rewarded for their accomplishments.

Firehouse 13, located at 41 Central Street in Providence, RI, will host the fourth annual Limelight Magazine Music Awards ceremony on Saturday, March 10, from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. The live music event will honor the best bands and musicians from New England that were selected by readers of the magazine in an online poll.

Co-hosting the event will be Limelight Magazine co-owner Katie Botelho and managing editor Jessica Botelho.

Among the performers are: Steve Allain, Awesome Express, Beautiful Tuesdsay, Andrea Belanger, By All Means, Ray Cooke, Lisa Couto, Fall and Bounce, Jillian Jensen and the Jessica Prouty Band.

“I’m honored to be apart of something so special,” said Botelho, who became co-owner of Limelight August of 2011. “I see how happy it makes these bands to be recognized for their hard work, and that in itself makes everything all worth it.”

“There are so many talented musicians throughout New England and we’re looking forward to honoring them at this event,” added Jay Kenney, who founded the magazine in 2006. “We wish all of the bands who were nominated the best of luck. We know our readers had some difficult choices to make, but the awards ceremony will be an enjoyable time for everyone.”

Tickets for the awards show are $10 each ($12 day of show) and can be purchased through

Limelight Magazine started out as a quarterly publication, but has moved its operations online last year, with the exception of an annual summer issue that comes out each year in June. Visit their website at You can also like them on Facebook at

For more information about the event, contact Limelight Magazine by e-mail at

The complete list of nominations:

N.E. Tribute Band of the Year

*Aerochix – Tribute to Aerosmith

*Bon Jersey – Tribute to Bon Jovi

*Distant Early Warning – Tribute to Rush

*Diver Down – Tribute to Van Halen

*Living on a Bad Name – Tribute to Bon Jovi

*Primal Scream – Tribute to Motley Crue

*Scarab – Tribute to Journey

Live Artist of the Year

*Amil Byleckie Band

*Beautiful Tuesday

*Fifth Freedom

*Highway Ghosts

*Jessica Prouty Band

*Tim Charron

*The Tower and the Fool

Female Vocalist of the Year

*Abbie Barrett

*Malyssa BellaRosa

*Lisa Couto

*Jamie Lynn Hart

*Morgan Lee Hefler

*Jessica Prouty

*Page Rayner

Male Vocalist of the Year

*Kyle Andree

*Louis St. August

*Tim Charron

*Ray Cooke

*Greg Knight

*Brian McKenzie

*Josh White

Album/EP of the Year by Group

*Awesome Express – Self Titled

*Beautiful Tuesday – The Breakdown

*The Furiousity – All The Rage

*Kanerko – Delusions of Grandeur

*Lisa Markovich & Beyond Blonde – Showing My Roots

*Jessica Prouty Band – My Way

*Watts – On the Dial

Metal/Hardcore Act of the Year

*Another Failure


*Gut Bucket

*I For An Eye


*Name In Vain

*She Rides

New Artist of the Year

*By All Means


*Fall & Bounce


*Anthony Mattera


*The Vinyl Grooves

Song of the Year

*Beautiful Tuesday – “(I’ll Prove You) Something More”

*Andrea Belanger – “Up All Night”

*Fall & Bounce – “Controlled Tension Time Bomb”

*Jamie Lynn Hart – “Bound to Burn”

*Kiley Evans – “Johnny Depp”

*Tony Jones & the Cretin 3 – “Lady Frankenstein”

*Amanda McCarthy – “Sticks and Stones”

Album/EP of the Year by Solo Act

*Steve Allain – Thirteen

*Andrea Belanger – Light in the Dark

*Malyssa Bellarosa – Open Up

*Dan Cloutier – Blind Willies Lighthouse

*Ray Cooke – Good Life

*Jamie Lynn Hart – Anticipate

*Anthony Mattera – Songs

Singer/Songwriter of the Year

*Steve Allain

*Andrea Belanger

*Sarah Blacker

*Kiley Evans

*Adam Ezra

*Jamie Lynn Hart

*Amanda McCarthy

Band of the Year

*Awesome Express

*Amil Byleckie Band

*Beautiful Tuesday

*Tony Jones & The Cretin 3

*Jessica Prouty Band

*Six Star General

*Vary Lumar

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