2012 Limelight Magazine Music Award Winners

Limelight Magazine Music Award Winners
Saturday, March 10, 2012
@ Firehouse 13 in Providence, RI
 N.E. Tribute Band of the Year
      *Aerochix – Tribute to Aerosmith (winner)
      *Bon Jersey – Tribute to Bon Jovi
      *Distant Early Warning – Tribute to Rush
      *Diver Down – Tribute to Van Halen
      *Living on a Bad Name – Tribute to Bon Jovi
      *Primal Scream – Tribute to Motley Crue
      *Scarab – Tribute to Journey  (runner up)
Live Artist of the Year
      *Amil Byleckie Band
      *Beautiful Tuesday (winner)
      *Fifth Freedom
      *Highway Ghosts
      *Jessica Prouty Band (runner up)          
      *Tim Charron
      *The Tower and the Fool
Female Vocalist of the Year
      *Abbie Barett
      *Malyssa BellaRosa
      *Lisa Couto
      *Jamie Lynn Hart (winner)
      *Morgan Lee Hefler
      *Jessica Prouty (runner up)
      *Page Rayner
Male Vocalist of the Year
       *Kyle Andree
       *Louis St. August (winner)
       *Tim Charron
       *Ray Cooke
       *Greg Knight
       *Brian McKenzie (runner up)
       *Josh White
Album/EP of the Year by Group
       *Awesome Express – Self Titled
       *Beautiful Tuesday – The Breakdown (runner up)
       *The Furiousity – All The Rage
       *Kanerko – Delusions of Grandeur
       *Lisa Markovich & Beyond Blonde – Showing My Roots (winner)
       *Jessica Prouty Band – My Way
       *Watts – On the Dial
Metal/Hardcore Act of the Year
      *Another Failure
      *Gut Bucket
      *I For An Eye (winner)
      *Name In Vain
      *She Rides (runner up)
New Artist of the Year
      *By All Means (runner up)
      *Fall & Bounce
      *Anthony Mattera
      *The Vinyl Grooves (winner)
Song of the Year
       *Beautiful Tuesday – “(I’ll Prove You) Something More”
       *Andrea Belanger – “Up All Night”
       *Fall & Bounce – “Controlled Tension Time Bomb”
       *Jamie Lynn Hart – “Bound to Burn”
       *Kiley Evans – “Johnny Depp” (winner)
       *Tony Jones & the Cretin 3 – “Lady Frankenstein”
       *Amanda McCarthy – “Sticks and Stones” (runner up)
Album/EP of the Year by Solo Act
       *Steve Allain – Thirteen
       *Andrea Belanger – Light in the Dark
       *Malyssa Bellarosa – Open Up
       *Dan Cloutier – Blind Willies Lighthouse (runner up)
       *Ray Cooke – Good Life (winner)
       *Jamie Lynn Hart – Anticipate
       *Anthony Mattera – Songs
Singer/Songwriter of the Year
      *Steve Allain
      *Andrea Belanger
      *Sarah Blacker
      *Kiley Evans (runner up)
      *Adam Ezra
      *Jamie Lynn Hart (winner)
      *Amanda McCarthy
Band of the Year
     *Awesome Express (runner up)
     *Amil Byleckie Band
     *Beautiful Tuesday (winner – tie)
     *Tony Jones & The Cretin 3
     *Jessica Prouty Band (winner – tie)
     *Six Star General
     *Vary Lumar
D.J. Most Supportive of Local Music Scene
     *Cat Wilson
Legend Award
     *The Fools

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