Katie’s Top 5 Concerts of 2012

By Katie Botelho

1. Roger Water’s The Wall @ Fenway Park in Boston, MA

I didn’t know what to expect with this show. I had heard so much about it so I knew it was going to be amazing. I just didn’t know how amazing it would be until I was actually there at Fenway Park, watching the wall being built. It wasn’t only a concert, but it was a big production that never left you bored. It also helped that it was legendary music played by brilliant musicians. The weather was perfect, the music was touching and the visuals were great to watch. Definitely one to never forget.

2. Linkin Park w/ Incubus @ Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA

This show was great. It was a spur of the moment type thing and even though our tickets were lawn seats it was still an amazing time. The music was so clear compared to other shows I’ve seen, I felt like I was listening to a CD rather than watching it live. I instantly caught myself liking the songs I’ve never heard before (which is rare, usually it takes me a few times of hearing to get into new music). The only downfall of this show was paying about $20 (exaggeration) on chicken fingers and fries at the venue.

3. Blue Man Group @ Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA

I’ve seen Blue Man Group before but it’s always different each time you go. It’s something different and you get a little bit of everything. Music, comedy, dancing, you name it! It’s always a good time (as long as you don’t get picked from the audience).

4. Rush @ TD Garden in Boston, MA

This was a good show, I just wish they had played more songs I was familiar with. But they ended up playing “Tom Sawyer” and that’s all that mattered! We definitely got our moneys worth with this show because it was about three hours long! I believe I was deaf by the end of the night but it’s all good!

5. Iron Maiden w/ Alice Cooper @ ComcastCenter in Mansfield, MA

I was excited to go to this show but disappointed when Iron Maiden came on and we could barely hear him singing, just the music. I enjoyed watching Alice Cooper more, the music was clearer and the effects on stage were just awesome. Even though the concert itself was just ok, it was still a good experience to have.

 Please note that the shows booked through JKB Booking are not included on this list to keep everything objective.

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