Personal reflection on JKB’s second year in business

By Katie F. Botelho

Another year has passed and what a year it’s been!

It has been a very successful year in the JKB world and 2013 promises to be even better. With selling out three of the four shows we booked (Jon Anderson, Paula Poundstone, Tom Rush), there really isn’t much to complain about.  Our hard work has definitely paid off and it’s rewarding to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in only a matter of two years in business.

Apart from our bookings, we also had the most successful Limelight Magazine Music Awards. Our 4th annual awards show had the best attendance out of the previous ones and the excitement and involvement from everyone around was just astonishing. You could tell that people were looking forward to it and promoting it as if it were their own event. We like that excitement and that’s why this year’s awards show on March 16th at the Rock Junction in Coventry, R.I., is going to be even better! Aside from that, we also featured over 26 stories on this past year alone. From big names to local musicians, we’ve done it all.

But, of course, life can’t always be about work, right?! On that note, I would have to say the best part of 2012 was going to Dallas, Texas, and the U.K. JKB gave me the opportunity to visit places I wouldn’t normally visit and I am grateful for that. We met a lot of celebrities a long the way and made some contacts that we wouldn’t have made if it weren’t for those trips.

Overall, 2012 was a successful year for us. We met some great people and explored the world. But more importantly, our business wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for our wonderful staff. So, I’d like to conclude by thanking our graphic designer Gorette Sousa, photographer Kristen Pierson and managing editor Jessica Botelho for making owning your own business such a pleasure!

Southfork Pool
Katie F. Botelho

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