2013 Limelight Magazine Music Award Winners

What an amazing awards show last night at The Rock Junction in Coventry, RI! Can’t believe that we increased our attendance by well over 100 people from the previous year. Fortunately, we moved to a bigger venue. If you weren’t there, then you missed stellar performances from Sam Bowen & Blue Cat Groove, Brianna Grace, Fly Kite Canvas, Carlin Tripp, Jeff Bryd and Dirty Finch, Satellites Fall, Ashley Jordan, and The Great Escape: A Tribute to Journey. We’d also like to thank the following people for all of their help in making this awards show such a success (in alphabetical order): Lisa Azizian (of Almost Famous), Sarah Blacker (who hosted the show), BOSTON, Jessica Botelho, Jose & Dorothy Botelho, Nichole DeClercq, Lisa Guyer, Brian & Susan Kenney, Gail Parenteau (of Parenteau Guidance), Kristen Pierson (of Kristen Pierson Photography), Henry & Rick Ottaviano and the gracious staff at The Rock Junction, John Shea (of Almost Famous) Gorette Sousa, Cat Wilson (of The Cheap Seats), and to everyone who has supported us along the way since Limelight Magazine was founded in October 2006. – Jay & Katie, Co-Owners, Limelight Magazine/JKB Entertainment Group

Here’s one final run down of all the nominees, including the winners and runner ups. Kudos to every single one of these great musicians for making the local music scene vibrant in New England!!!

Legend Award


From left, Gary Pihl and Tom Scholz of BOSTON

Unsung Hero Award

Lisa Guyer

Lisa Guyer
Lisa Guyer (center) with Jay and Katie

DJ Most Supportive of the Local Music Scene

Lisa Azizian & John Shea (of Almost Famous)

N.E. Tribute Band of the Year

Beast over Boston: Tribute to Iron Maiden

The Great Escape: Tribute to Journey (winner)

Gun Powder Gelatine: Tribute to Queen (runner up)

Holy Diver: Tribute to Ronnie James Dio

Human Clay: Tribute to Creed

Klassik Kiss: Tribute to Kiss

Lotus Land: Tribute to Rush

LoveSexy: Tribute to Prince

Live Act of the Year

Awesome Express (winner)

Jeff Byrd & Dirty Finch

Indiana Handshake

Tony Jones & The Cretin 3

Lansdowne (runner up)

Lisa Markovich & Beyond Blonde

Fly Kite Canvas (previously Scarlet)

Thurskills Vision

Female Vocalist of the Year

Lauren Bateman

Keturah Burgess

Dorian Havers (runner up)

Tammy Laforest

Erin Elizabeth Ollis

Jessica Prouty (winner)

Jessica Scalese

Jenny White

Male Vocalist of the Year

Corey Amaral

Joseph L. Auger

Walter Barlow

Norman Bishop

Mark Cutler (runner up)

Steven Scott Haidaichuk

Spogga Hash

Jesse Liam (winner)

Album/EP of the Year By Group

Closer Than We Appear – Evaluating Expressions (winner)

Fall and Bounce – Kickknack Avalanche

The Few – Headstock

Hemlok – A Cautionary Tale

Omega Reign – Arise

Satellites Fall – Lines On The Road (runner up tie)

A Simple Complex – Come Undone (runner up tie)

We Own Land – The Plan

Album/EP of the Year By Solo Act

Chris Allen – The Power of Chris Compels You

Sam Chase – Every Time I’m Home

Ian James – Grand Delusions

Brian Jarvis – Beautifully Broken

Ken Macy – Outline

Jay Psaros – Simply (runner up)

Hayley Reardon – Where The Artists Go

Sarah Swain – Every Little Bird (winner)

Metal Act of the Year

Bigtalkahh (winner)

A Dying Breed

The Folly of Man

Fuel of War (runner up)

Nothing Left to Give

Omega Reign


To Die This Night

Country Artist of the Year

Krista Angelucci

Dalton and the Sheriffs

Kiley Evans

Brianna Grace (runner up)

Highway Ghosts

Shanna Jackman

Ashley Jordan (winner)

Erin Ollis

Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Closer Than We Appear

Consuelo’s Revenge

Tammy Laforest (runner up)


popALERT (winner)

Carlin Tripp

Weld Square


Video of the Year

Krista Angelucci – “C R E E P” (winner tie)

Birch Hill Dam – “Fathom’s Below” (winner tie)

Sarah Blacker – “Knocked the Winds” (runner up)

Brad Byrd – “On My Way Down”

Ashley Jordan – “Fading Away”

J. Kelley Band-“Shake You”

Greg Lato – “Help You Out”

PopALERT – “I Don’t’ Deserve It”

Singer-Songwriter of the Year

Joseph L. Auger

Samuel Bowen

Nick Duane (runner up)

Joanne Lurgio

Amanda McCarthy (winner)

Danielle Miraglia

Hayley Reardon

Carly Tefft

Song of the Year

“Only Human” by Bigtalkahh

“One More Spin Around” by Kiley Evans

“Second Time Around” by Brianna Grace

“Wicked” by Sara Leketa (winner)

“Won’t Ever Quit” by Joanne Lurgio

“I Don’t Deserve It” by popALERT (runner up)

“One Night” by Satellites Fall

“Silver Wishes” by Jenn Zapata and the Dan Kirouac Band

Band of the Year

City of Squares

Dead Nobodies

For the Love of Sloane

J. Kelley Band

Lisa Markovich & Beyond Blonde (winner)

The Mighty Good Boys

Grace Morrison and the SRO

Naked Stills (runner up)

A packed house!
A packed house!

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