Limelight plans summer issue, seeks help with funding

Dear Readers:

In July 2011, Limelight Magazine shifted its operations from a quarterly print publication to an online magazine. During our six-and-a-half years of existence, we’ve seen many, once vibrant, publications, such as Spin Magazine, shift to a digital model, while others, such as The Boston Phoenix, ceased their operations entirely. Moreover, many newspapers in New England have been forced to lay off employees, reduce circulation, and change their focus in order to be viable.

Despite the decline of traditional print media, we are continually asked by our readers to come out with another print issue of Limelight Magazine. To do this, we would need to generate approximately $3,750 in revenue to cover the costs of production, which includes printing, paying staff (i.e. managing editor, staff writer, photographer, graphic designer) and distributing the issue. Based on past experience, it’s been a challenge to get enough advertisers on board with each print issue because our editorial content is narrowly focused on the local music scene in New England. We could venture off and cover other topics to gain more advertisers, but that’s not who we are or what we are about.

Since we’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge, we’ve decided to come out with another print issue of Limelight Magazine this summer. However, we need your help to make it happen. Over the next 45 days, we’ll be taking a much different and more creative approach to generating revenue to produce the issue. While we’re still going to rely on advertising from businesses, we can no longer view that as the sole source of revenue. Therefore, we’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund one-third of the issue’s costs and a fun contest, called the “We Got You Covered” Competition, where musicians can perform live to be featured on the cover.

For details on donating to the Kickstarter campaign, visit this link at

For details on the cover contest, please click HERE.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing Limelight Magazine in print again this summer!


Katie & Jay

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