2014 Limelight Magazine Music Award Winners

It was a fun time at South Shore Music Hall in Quincy, Mass., last night! Once again, we increased our attendance over the previous year, making it the most attended music awards show ever! If you weren’t there, you missed some really cool performances from Krista Baroni, Brian Carroll and Ian Fitzgerald, Brianna Grace, Jilly Martin, Jay Psaros, Ten Foot Polecats, 21st Century Fugitives, and Weld Square. We’d like to thank all of the nominees, the staff of South Shore Music Hall, the radio DJs who helped promote the event, and everyone who attended. We’d also like to offer an extra special thanks to Theresa Andrewski and Matthew Almquist, of Beautiful Tuesday, for co-hosting the awards ceremony. You are two amazing people! It means so much to us that you took time out of your schedules to make it such a special night for everyone!

~ Jay & Katie, Co-Owners, Limelight Magazine/JKB Entertainment Group

Theresa Andrewski and Matt Almquist
Theresa Andrewski and Matt Almquist of Beautiful Tuesday

Here’s the final run down of all the nominees, including the winners and runner ups. Congratulations to everyone listed on this ballot!

Legend Award


Statement from Gary Cherone:

“On behalf of EXTREME, we are honored to receive the Legend Award from Limelight Magazine. We are a bunch of local boys who slugged it out in the clubs, doing what we loved doing. When we started out, the labels were focusing on bands from L.A. but Boston had their own special scene going on with a lot of great bands that got overlooked. It took a while to make some noise but the labels finally came knocking. The rest is history. It’s been years of hard work and dedication, but the most important thing has always been the fans for us. We are so lucky and fortunate to do what we love doing and being recognized for our efforts really makes it all worthwhile. Thanks again to Limelight Magazine for recognizing our efforts and for bestowing this honor for us.”


Unsung Hero Award

Ayla Brown

Ayla Brown (center) with Jay and Katie

Service Award

Jessica Botelho

Jessica Botelho
Jessica Botelho

Young Performer of the Year

Jessie Chris

Closer Than We Appear

Four Noble Truths

Emily Hodges (Runner Up)

Nolan Leite

Esmeree Skye

21st Century Fugitives (Winner)


Tribute Band of the Year

All Heart (Heart)

The American Who Sensation (The Who)

Beatles for Sale (The Beatles) (Runner Up)

Clock Strikes Ten (Cheap Trick)

Fire Lake (Bob Seger)

Forever Young (Neil Young) (Winner)

Power of Love (Huey Lewis & the News)

Young Rust (Neil Young)


Live Act of the Year

The Aldous Collins Band (Runner Up)

Bigtalkahh (Winner)

Daddie Long Legs

Patrick DeCoste


Richard James and The Name Changers

A Simple Complex

Weld Square


Female Vocalist of the Year

Susan Cattaneo        

Brianna Grace (Winner)     

Dorian Havers

Lisa Markovich

Amanda McCarthy  

Ilene Springer (Runner Up – tie)

Natalie Turgeon (Runner Up – tie)

Eva Walsh


Male Vocalist of the Year

Daniel Byrnes

Jeff Conley

Greg Lato (Runner Up)

Joe Merrick (Winner)

Sean O’Loughlin

Andrew Smith

Jonah Tolchin

Kevin Williams


Song of the Year

Dalton and the Sheriffs – “Cheap Guitars”

Shaun England – “Tied to the Tracks”

Kiley Evans & Joe Merrick – “We’d Be Lying” (Winner)

The McGunks – “Working On A Hangover”

Christian McNeill & Sea Monsters – “If You Need Some (Come and Get Some)” (Runner Up)

Fil Pacino – “Death By Lions”

Jessica Prouty Band – “Set Me Free”

Brian Sances Band – “Driving Home”


Album of the Year (Group)

Sam Bowen and Blue Cat Groove – Self-Titled

Beyond Blonde – Purple Rose (Winner)

The Cranks – Orange (Runner Up)

Elcodrive – The Long Way Home

For The Love of Sloane – Curses, Spells & Charms

Propergander – Wide Open

21st Century Fugitives – Regret Nothing

Glenn Yoder & the Western States – Javelina


Album of the Year (Solo)

Rich Antonelli – Voiceless

Sarah Blacker – Precious Little Things

Lisa Couto – Not Going Under (Runner Up)

Julie Dougherty – In This Place

Ian Fitzgerald – No Time To Be Tender

Jamie Lynn Hart – Live At Tupelo (Winner)

Adam Jensen – Behold the Man

Ashley Jordan – Nothing In Doubt


Hard Rock, Metal, Hardcore Act of the Year

Along Came the Flood

BlackLight SunRise (Runner Up)



Hellspeak (Winner)


Red Equals Meltdown

We Stand In Awe


Country Artist of the Year

Houseton Bernard

Country Mile Band

Brianna Grace

Britt Hill (Winner)

Shanna Jackman

Erin Ollis and the Whiskey Rye Band (Runner Up)

Joe Macey

Jilly Martin


Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Blocks of Seven

Sam Bowen and Blue Cat Groove

Closer Than We Appear (Winner)

Empire Street (Runner Up)

Jesse Hanson

House On Cliff

One Time Mountain

Michael Spaulding


Video of the Year (Group)

Aurora – “Little Traps”

Blocks of Seven – “I Can’t Take It Anymore”

Centerlink – “Distant Voices”

Mostly Commons – “Let It Go By”

The Devil’s Twins – “Love and War” (Winner)

Paryah – “Stay Away” (Runner Up)

Red Equals Meltdown – “What is Dead May Never Die”

Stay Seventeen – “On My Mind”


Video of the Year (Solo)

Krista Angelucci – “Like You”

Tiffani Dawn – “Fever”

Katlyn Evans – “Royals”

Jamie Lynn Hart – “Down” (Winner)

Ashley Jordan – “If I Had You”

Jilly Martin – “I’m Getting There” (Runner Up)

Jay Psaros – “The Orphan”

Will Evans – “Wishin’ Well”


Singer-Songwriter of the Year

Krista Baroni (Winner)

Brian Carroll

Jesse Hanson (Runner Up)

Adam Jensen

Alastair Moock

Kevin G. Moore

Dietrich Strause

Joe Young


Band of the Year

The Can’t Nots

The Field Effect

Mean Creek

Grace Morrison and the RSO (Winner)


A Simple Complex (Runner Up)

The Ten Foot Polecats

Torn Shorts

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