2016 Limelight Music Award Winners

Last night’s 8th Annual Limelight Magazine Music Awards at the Spire Center in Plymouth, MA, was a complete success and we’d like to thank a number of people for helping to make this event possible. We were blessed to have singer-songwriter Jenna Lotti host the event and Chris Facey (a.k.a. Vanna White) for assisting her on stage. She kept the event moving along nicely and words cannot express how grateful we are to her for agreeing to host this year. In addition to Jenna, we were also treated to amazing performances by Munk Duane, Flight of Fire, Julia James, Peter Lavender and The Limbo Souls, Hailey Magee, MB Padfield, Jordan Renzi, and Sparrow Blue. What a line-up of musicians! Furthermore, we’d like to acknowledge this year’s nominees, the radio DJs who helped spread the word about the event, the volunteers who baked goodies, the staff and leadership team of the Spire Center, and the generosity of our sponsors (New England Music Awards, Matthew Neves Music and Rokpix by Kristen Pierson), and everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend. Again, it was another a great night for the local music scene and we’re glad to be a part of it!!!

– Jay & Katie, Co-Owners, Limelight Magazine/JKB Entertainment Group

Here’s the final run down of all the nominees, including the winners and runner ups. Congratulations to everyone listed on this ballot!

Unsung Hero Award

Shanna Jackman


Young Performer of the Year

Sarah Deanna [WINNER]

Julia James

Brooke Leifer

Aaron Norcross Jr.

Playing With Fire

Gracelyn Rennick [RUNNER UP]

Brittany Tara


Tribute Band of the Year

Heartbreaker – A Tribute to Led Zeppelin [WINNER]

Hell Bent For Metal – A Tribute to Judas Priest

Judas Rising – A Tribute to Judas Priest

LoVeSexy – A Tribute to Prince

Maiden New England – A Tribute to Iron Maiden

Pretendica – A Tribute to The Pretenders & Elastica

Studio Two – A Tribute to The Beatles [RUNNER UP]


Live Artist of the Year

Angry Ginger

Dave Bailin & The Bailouts

The Dust Ruffles [RUNNER UP]

Heavy Necker

Johnny Hoy & The Bluefish

My Mother’s Mustache

The Shana Stack Band [WINNER]


Female Vocalist of the Year

Emily Hodges [RUNNER UP]

Amy Marie [WINNER]

Grace Morrison

Bethany Pierce

Jordan Renzi

Ilene Springer

Anne Stott


Male Vocalist of the Year

Willie J. Laws

Ed Leavitt [RUNNER UP]

Fil Pacino

Rob Pagnano [WINNER]

John Powhida

Jeff Rosen

Michael Spaulding


Album/EP of the Year (Group)

Autumn Above – Blessed You’re Still

Blue Cat Groove – Too Much Talk [RUNNER UP]

Fireking – Double Trouble

Peter Lavender & The Limbo Souls – Sugar

Something Sneaky – Pictures

The Something – Toughen Up

21st Century Fugitives – Losing Time [WINNER]


Metal/Hardcore Act of the Year

Deathwish [WINNER]

Depraved Within

Dim the Lights

Hope Before the Fall [RUNNER UP]

I Guard the Throne

Shred of Salvation

Stangler Needsa Manicure


Debut Album of the Year

Caroline Brennan – Leap [RUNNER UP]

Jets Can’t Land – You Can’t Linger On

The Lincoln Tunnel – Today 2.0

Outlaw in Peru – Outlaw in Peru

Rat Ruckus – Beneath the City

Sparrow Blue – Mabel

Matt York – Boston, Texas [WINNER]


Country Artist of the Year

Darren Bessette Band

Annie Brobst Band

Timmy Brown and Black Diamond [WINNER]

Chelsey Carter

The April Cushman Band

Brianna Grace

Martin and Kelly [RUNNER UP]


Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Bad Marriage [WINNER]

Blue Light Bandits

The Dirty Dottys

Christa Gniadek [RUNNER UP]

Hailey Magee

Matthew Neves

Spiritual Rez


Video of the Year (Group)

Cougar Bait – “Booty on the Dance Floor” [RUNNER UP]

Forest Fires – “Like Gold”

Houston Bernard Band – “Yoga Pants”

Nemes – “Everest Isle”

Red Evans – “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” [WINNER]

The Something – “Party Gun”


Video of the Year (Solo Artist)

Suzie Hatton – “F U Money”

Molly Pinto Madigan – “On The Hunt”

Suzanne McNeil – “Sister’s Hands”

Shanna Jackman – “We’ve Got Your Back” [RUNNER UP]

Matthew Neves – “Today Is The Day” [WINNER]

April Renzella – “The Bees”

Andrew Smith – “Steal My Girl”


Album/EP of the Year (Solo Artist)

Sean Coleman – Gravitation

Carissa Johnson – For Now [WINNER]

Terry Kitchen – The Post-American Century

Mary Lou Lord – Backstreet Angels

Molly Pinto Madigan – Wildwood Bride

Amanda McCarthy – AAA [RUNNER UP]

Nick Zaino – Blue Skies and Broken Arrows


Singer/Songwriter of the Year

Jennifer Greer

Nate Leavitt

Suzanne McNeil [RUNNER UP]

MB Padfield

Brian Sances

Michael Spaulding [WINNER]


Song of the Year

The Aldous Collins Band – “Bernadette” [WINNER]

Crooked Coast – “Go Back” [RUNNER UP]

The Dirty Dottys – “Not To Call”

Munk Duane – “Random Acts of Blindness”

95 Hyde – “Guts and Glory”

Suzie Hatton – “Be the One”

Sidewalk Driver – “Everybody Loves My Face”


Band of the Year

Black and Blue Morning

Flight of Fire [WINNER]

Marianne Toilet and the Runs [RUNNER UP – TIE]

Monkey Knife Fight


Sunshine Riot

The Complaints



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