Limelight Magazine’s top 10 most read stories of 2016

We’d like to take a moment and recap the content Limelight Magazine covered in 2016 and post our top 10 most read stories. We renewed our coverage of the local music scene in New England and did feature stories on Jimmy Bez, Liz Bills (of Analog Heart), blindspot, Erinn Brown, Nikki Coogan (of The Devil’s Twins), Flight of Fire, Girls, Guns and Glory, Ashley Jordan, Jenna Lotti, Martin and Kelly, Dan Masterson, MB Padfield and Matt York. We interviewed national acts, including Paul Bielatowicz, MASS, Motion Device, Joan Osborne, Trevor Rabin, and Robert Reed. We featured a number of businesses and non-profits, including Cable Car Cinema and Café, Coolidge Corner Theatre’s After Midnight Program, Dark Delicacies, Fright Rags, Hudson Horror Show, Mouradian Guitar Company, Purchase Street Records, Narrows Center for the Arts, The Time Capsule, and TJ’s Music All Star Band Program. We interviewed director Justin Mayoh’s about his film “Tales of Rocky Point Park” and author J. Blake Fichera about his book “Scored to Death.” We did a number of themed stories, including musicians (Erin Ollis, Amy Marie, Amanda McCarthy) and a fitness trainer (Nina McGoff) sharing their stories about health and fitness, record store owners (Burlington Records, Cheapo Records, In Your Year Records, Joe’s Albums, Music Connection, Nuggets Records, Round Again Records, Skele-tone Records, Spun Records and Sunset Records) discussing the resurgence of vinyl, musicians (Sarah Barrios, Emil Belisle, Paul Horton, John MacFee, Hailey Magee, Brian KcKenzie, Jennifer Mitchell, Moment of Clarity, Christopher Ruiz, Allison Sigrist) sharing their most memorable gigs, musicians (Emil Belisle, Nikki Coogan, April Cushman, Mike LaRoche, Ken Macy, Stan Matthews, Ryan Stark, Arline Urquhart, Mark Vinciguerra) sharing what their tattoos mean. We also interviewed JKB Entertainment Group/Limelight Magazine co-owner Katie Botelho-Bielatowicz about nail art designs and paid tribute to Bruce Coburn of “Rockline” by interviewing Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull), Rik Emmett (of Triumph) Shaun Hague (of Journeyman – A Tribute to Eric Clapton) and a number of our loyal readers. As you can see, we were very busy in 2016. Thanks for another great year!

As to our top 10 most read stories of 2016, here’s the list.

  1. Purchase Street Records: Vintage record store to open in downtown New Bedford
  2. Mouradian Guitar Company: Have guitar?…Mouradian Guitar Company will fix it
  3. Local musicians  (Erin Ollis, Amy Marie, Amanda McCarthy) and fitness trainer (Nina McGoff) share their inspirational stories about health and fitness
  4. Narrows Center for the Arts celebrates 15 years of art and music in Fall River
  5. MB Padfield’s Bedazzled Road to Recovery
  6. Erinn Brown: Hard work pays off
  7. Trevor Rabin ‘talks’ about his newly formed ‘union’ with Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman
  8. Jenna Lotti: The good girls with ‘Bad Habits
  9. Robert Reed finds his ‘Sanctuary’ in paying homage to Mike Oldfield
  10. Motion Device ‘eternalizes” heavy metal music

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