Fingers-Blazing Instrumental Guitarist R.D. King gears up for CD release on April 27

This Thursday, April 27, Boston-based acoustic guitarist R.D. King will celebrate the release of his debut album vs. Self with a special concert at 7:30 pm at the Rockwell Davis Square Theater in Somerville, Mass. He will be joined by Jenee Halstead, an award-winning local favorite known for her songwriting prowess and memorable vocals. Check out King’s new music video for the song “An End to Wandering” by clicking HERE.

In vs. Self, King blends guitar acrobatics with an emotional and intellectual sensitivity to craft a reflective journey that defies genres and expectations. Although you won’t find any vocals on this album (King is an instrumentalist only), that doesn’t detract from its cinematic imagery and vivid storytelling. Each of the nine original tracks feature nothing but solo guitar—something many listeners have difficulty believing, given the fullness of sound.

King’s use of fingerpicks (metal picks that wrap around the end of each finger) lend the guitar a distinct and unusual timbre. There’s a care for songwriting and melody that emulates pop; rhythms and ideas that more closely resemble rock; and a compositional intricacy reminiscent of classical music. Despite the music’s complexity, it retains a surprising accessibility.

King grew up in various towns in eastern Massachusetts before studying classical guitar at Ithaca College. After graduation, he returned to Boston to pursue music. King draws inspiration from literature, philosophy, psychology, and meditation. Born into a family of writers, artists, and musicians, King has always turned to creative process as the framework for introspection and growth. He currently teaches and performs out of Somerville.

vs. Self will be available for purchase at the concert and will be available on iTunes and Spotify on April 28. You can purchased tickets to the event HERE.



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