Limelight Magazine announces partnership with Kate Eppers

Limelight Magazine, a New England music and entertainment publication, is pleased to announce an exclusive one-year partnership with singer-songwriter and actress Kate Eppers who recently released her acclaimed, solo, debut album The Wishing Well.

Under the terms of the partnership, Limelight Magazine will work directly with Eppers to help develop and promote her as an artist. Eppers, in turn, will become the face of the publication for the next 12 months and will help promote the events booked by their publisher, JKB Entertainment Group, through social media.

“We’ve been wanting to partner with a local musician for quite sometime,” said Jay Kenney, who co-founded Limelight in October 2006. “We interviewed Kate for a feature story about her new album and the songs really spoke to me. After we published the story, Kate sent us an e-mail to not only thank us for the coverage but she offered to volunteer and help promote our events without asking for anything in return. I immediately discussed this with my business partner, Katie Botelho-Bielatowicz, and set up a meeting with Kate. I had a feeling she was the right person to partner with and our meeting proved that.”

“Although I haven’t met Kate yet, I can already tell she’s going to be great to work with!,” said Ms. Botelho-Bielatowicz. “She seems like such a genuine, down to earth person, and you don’t come across that very often.”

Eppers was equally excited about the new partnership.

“As a huge fan of Limelight Magazine, I was beyond thrilled with their feature on me highlighting my album The Wishing Well,” she said. “Now with this exciting partnership I am over the moon excited! As an independent singer-songwriter, I fully appreciate what Limelight Magazine does for persons like myself and the indie scene. Limelight is a great advocate of the many unsigned musicians of the world/local scene whom are working tirelessly to leave their footprint. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to an amazing year with Limelight.”

Eppers released The Wishing Well on March 17, 2017. The album can be downloaded on iTunes and Amazon, or streamed free on Spotify, SoundCloud and Reverbnation. Her website,, offers some free downloads. For those interested in a physical copy, Eppers will have a CD release party at Opus, a progressive and welcoming restaurant, in Salem, MA, on Saturday, September 16th. Be sure to like her Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Limelight Magazine is one of the leading online destinations for coverage of the New England music scene and beyond, providing its readers with exclusive interviews with musicians from all genres of music. Since 2014, they’ve expanded their editorial content to include movies and television and pop culture conventions throughout the United States. Besides its online efforts, Limelight Magazine is committed to supporting the local music scene of New England by providing feature stories on many of these hard working musicians. They also promote the events booked by JKB Entertainment Group.


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