Katie Dobbins releases Christmas single

Contemporary folk artist Katie Dobbins, who released her debut album, She Is Free, earlier this year, has recorded a special Christmas tune called “A Brighter Light (Christmas Song)” with proceeds from the single going to charity. You can stream the song by clicking here.

According to Dobbins, “In a season about family and love for those around you, ‘A Brighter Light (Christmas Song),’ encourages us to think about the greater meaning of Christmas – beyond the pretty lights. It urges us to remember that Jesus came to offer a light that never goes out, and lasts long after the holiday season comes to an end.”

The song is available for purchase on her Bandcamp page, and all proceeds will go to her home church in Boston, StoryHeights Church.

“This church is all about loving people and serving the community,” said Dobbins. “They steward their money incredibly well.”


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