JKB Entertainment Group/Limelight Magazine Policy on Opening Acts

JKB Entertainment Group, the publisher of Limelight Magazine, is committed to bringing the best entertainment to New England. Since we started booking shows, our number one commitment has always been to our ticket buyers and fans of the artists we book. We are grateful for your support and appreciate the number of sold out shows we have had over the years.

Based on an in-depth poll of our ticket buyers, when we book a national touring act, we have found that most fans prefer “an evening with” the artist because this enables them to perform a longer set for the duration of the evening and, in some cases, gives them more time to hold a post-show meet and greet. This is the reason why most of our shows are “an evening with” and do not have a support act on the bill.

Many of us have been to shows where we purchased a ticket to see a national touring act, but on the day of the show, three, four or even five support acts have been added to the bill with little advance notice. The show starts at 8 PM but the headliner doesn’t come on until 11 PM or later and is sometimes forced to play a shorter set due to curfew regulations. While there are arguments for and against this model, it doesn’t benefit the fan or any of the other acts on the bill, especially if they are playing short sets. We have found this model sometimes discourages fans of the main artist from even purchasing a ticket, especially when the show falls on a work night. This is why JKB Entertainment Group will not book this type of show with any national touring act unless it’s part of a package tour or festival. We have been thanked by fans and many bands for taking this approach.

(Please note that this discussion only pertains to our booking of national touring acts. We have no issue with local music showcases, multiple bands performing at charity events, or venues who host local music nights with several acts as long as the shows are billed as such).

Since most our shows are “an evening with,” we do not need a support act for them. Yet, we get inundated with requests to open for these shows. Even when the artist is bringing their own opening act, we still get requests to be added to the bill. While we try to respond to everyone, we’ve decided to establish a policy on opening acts and answer any common questions we receive here. Please read this before submitting a request to open for a particular band as this will likely give you an idea if you will be considered. Moving forward, a link to this article will also be sent as our official response to anyone requesting to open a show.

As an independent concert promoter, a lot goes into booking an artist. We’re responsible for paying the artist fee, rent to the venue, hospitality (i.e. food and lodging), credit card fees, and sometimes backline, transportation, and other expenses. This is all budgeted before the artist is booked, contracts are signed, and is reflected in the ticket price. Since we sellout most of our shows or come close, we generally don’t budget for an opening act unless that’s been negotiated with the artist in advance. If the show is billed as “an evening with” this means that either the artist or JKB Entertainment Group has specifically requested this and no requests to open the show will be considered. If the artist is not bringing their own opener and wants one for their show, we will always go with a local one and solicit requests on our social media pages. Local also means that you’re a band or musician from any of the six New England states and nowhere else.

Furthermore, here are a few other things to consider:

  • We do not book opening acts on shows that fall on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night unless the headliner is bringing their own or requests one.
  • We will never consider more than two opening acts on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night unless it is a package tour. Our patrons are paying to see the headliner and anything more than that will cut into the artists playing time.
  • The size of the venue’s stage also impacts whether we have an opening act and the type of performance it can be. Often a band will set up their gear and there is simply no room for anything else on stage. In these cases, solo acoustic openers will only be considered.

Lastly, all opening acts must be given final approval by the headliner’s booking agent AND management. If you don’t have a website, Facebook artist page, live YouTube links, professional photos, and original music, you will not be considered. If you meet these requirements, please send send us a proposal to limelightmagazine@gmail.com with the artist name and show date in the subject heading. Please include links to your website, Facebook artist page, live YouTube links, original music and a professional photo in the body.

If chosen, the opening act will NEVER be asked to pre-sell tickets as that’s disrespectful to the artist. However, you will be expected to actively promote the show on your social media pages, website, etc.

This policy was updated on July 1, 2022.

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