Katie Dobbins releases debut music video


Contemporary folk artist Katie Dobbins released her debut music video, Post It Notes, on February 24, 2018. Click HERE to view the video.

Dobbins explains, “This music video, Post It Notes, captures the essence of the song’s inspiration – two people whose love for each other radiates so strongly that others are moved to both tears and laughter in their presence. Raw vulnerability is displayed on the screen, and you can’t help but feel a softening of your own heart as you experience each moment. Although this video is deeply personal for myself and the actors involved, it also provides a great example of the kind of love we’re all searching for – a love that transcends mere romance – the type of pure love and vulnerability that we can apply to ourselves and each other.”


Katie Dobbins draws from a musical palette of contemporary folk and new country. With a mastery of storytelling and the heart of a poet, this soulful songstress captures elements of life and relationships in ways that lift spirits and challenge the soul. Dobbins’ powerful yet comforting vocal tones draw you in and paint her lyrical truths into images that stay with you. Dobbins’ Let The Music Set You Free movement, which inspires personal freedom and self-empowerment, has brought her to stages all around New England, including New Hampshire favorite Pitman’s Freight Room. Her debut album She Is Free (released 2017) was described by The Deli Magazine as “a deeply personal record that is full of reflective poetry and messages of love . . . bringing to mind Jewel’s Pieces of You.” Throughout her record and live performances, Dobbins creates a warm inviting atmosphere that leaves her listeners longing for more.

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