During the autumn months of 2020, Limelight Magazine launched a new weekly series on our social media pages called Tuesday Tune. Each Tuesday we featured a new song from a band or musician that was rated on 1 -10 scale by a seven-member committee. We took the average rank and called it our Lemon-Lime Scale. If the song was a lemon, it ranked below five. If it was a lime, it ranked above five. It’s our version of Rotton Tomatoes for songs! Thanks to Giuliana Amaral, Marc Botelho, Tim Cobb, Kevin DeLue, David Kelber, and Maddie Scott for serving our our committee along with JKB Entertainment Group/Limelight Magazine co-owner Jay Kenney.

Here’s all the songs we featured and how they ranked in order of favorability.

“Shot in the Dark” – AC/DC (average score 9.1)

“That Was Me” – Blue Oyster Cult (average score 8.1)

“Scars” – Fates Warning (average score 7.7)

“Sinners Hymn” – Orianthi (average score 7.6)

“Age of Machine” – Greta Van Fleet (average score 7.4)

“The Undertaker” – Accept (average score 7.4)*

“Protect the Land” – System of a Down (average score 7.4)*

“Gonna Make You Love Me” – Tony Lewis (average score 7.3)

“Under My Skin” – Blackfield (average score 7.2)

“Gimme Back My Life” – Loverboy (average score 7.1)

“Raise the Cain” – Richie Kotzen (average score 6.7)

“Show Them The Way” – Stevie Nicks (average score 6.6)

“Shame Shame” – Foo Fighters (average score 5.8)

* These two songs were an exact tie.

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