An open letter to our readers

Hello Everyone,

As all of you know by now, even though I will keep my position as Director of Marketing, I am a 50% owner of Limelight. I’ve always enjoyed marketing because it’s different than anything I’ve ever done. It’s fun, exciting and it’s not your typical office job. I especially enjoy promoting the local music scene. I know talent when I see it. I must say that just from this year’s Limelight Music Awards, there’s a lot of tremendous talent out there. In my capacity as co-owner, I would like to help all the amazing bands in New England get noticed and be heard. Just because there is a slight change in ownership doesn’t mean Limelight is totally changing, the only thing changing is that Limelight will be better than ever! We will continue to provide the same coverage that we’ve been known for and are still going to have our amazing and talented staff that includes Jessica A. Botelho (Managing Editor), Kristen Pierson (Photographer) and Gorette Sousa (Graphic Designer). Some new faces will be added to the fold in the upcoming weeks. As to the future, we hope to upgrade the Limelight website and we have some exciting events planned throughout the region to showcase local musicians. Furthermore, our five year anniversary concert will be coming up soon so make sure to keep posted for that! Thanks for reading and I appreciate all of the support I’ve received so far…you rock!!


Katie Botelho

Co-Owner, Limelight Magazine & JKB Management & Booking


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