Our top 10 movies of 2014

2014 was another great year for quality films. In fact, I’d say this list easily outshines last year’s top 10. With the exception of only one movie, my top 10 didn’t include any big budget films released by major studios. Quite honestly, their films are getting stale and boring. They may make money, but they often lack originality and substance. So, my list contains several independent and foreign films that were only given limited releases in the United States. Thanks to local art houses like the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, Mass., and the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Mass., as well as a two week long trip to Los Angeles, I was able to see many of these films in an actual movie theater. Rather than go into detail about each film, I’m only going to list them. You can discover these movies for yourself. (Disclaimer: This list is based on films I’ve seen as of Dec. 31, 2014. It could be adjusted in the future as I view other films from 2014).

#1 – The Babadook

The Babadook

#2 – Tusk


#3 – Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin

#4 – Snowpiercer


#5 – Afflicted


#6 – The Sacrament

The Sacrament

#7 – Me & You (a.k.a. “Io e te” in France)

Me & You

#8 – Annabelle


#9 – Starry Eyes

Starry Eyes

#10 – VHS: Viral

vhs viral

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