Frequently asked questions about Limelight Music Awards

FAQ – Music Awards 2016 (Revised on January 16, 2016)

Limelight Magazine is committed to supporting the local music scene of New England with its annual music awards ceremony which is held in the late winter or early spring. Each year dozens of musicians have been recognized for their immense creativity and talent.

These are the questions we typically get asked with the answers to them. Please read this over before contacting us.

When and where is the 2016 Limelight Magazine Music Awards?
The 8th Annual Limelight Magazine Music Awards will be held at the Spire Center for Performing Arts, located at 25 ½ Court Street in Plymouth, MA, on Saturday, April 16, 2016, at 7 PM.

How long does the ceremony typically last?
The ceremony typically runs between three and four hours.

Is it all ages?
The Limelight Magazine Music Awards is an all-ages event.

Is there beer and wine?
Beer and wine is available for purchase at The Spire.

Is there food?
Light refreshments and homemade goodies will be available for purchase.

Is parking free?
Parking is free across the street from the venue.

How much are tickets?
Tickets are $11 in advance and $13 day of show. Please visit or to purchase them.

How does a musician get nominated?
The nominating process is completely fan driven, with the exception of “Song of the Year” and “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” which is nominated by radio DJs who support the local music scene. For two weeks in early February (Feb. 1-14), we solicit nominations each day for a specific category. Nominations can be e-mailed to We only accept nominations by e-mail. The top seven musicians for each category are placed on the ballot for public voting. If we fail to receive at least seven different nominations, we drop the category for that year. Please like our Facebook page at to stay up-to-date. Due to the high volume of nominations we receive, all nominations must be in the subject of the e-mail. Only one nomination per e-mail.

What are the categories for the Limelight Magazine Music Awards?
The categories for 2016 are: Album of the Year (Group), Album of the Year (Solo), Band of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Country Artist of the Year, Debut Album of the Year (NEW), Female Vocalist of the Year, Live Act of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Metal Act of the Year, Singer-Songwriter of the Year, Song of the Year, Tribute Band of the Year, Video of the Year (Group), Video of the Year (solo), and Young Performer of the Year.
The following special awards are also presented: Legend Award (given to an artist from New England who has been around for at least 25 years and is going strong today) and Unsung Hero Award (given to a musician from New England who made a contribution in the lives of others without asking for anything in return). These are decided by the staff of Limelight Magazine.

Are there any restrictions on who can be nominated?
Anyone one who has received an award in a specific category last year is ineligible to be nominated for that same award this year, unless it is for new music. For example, the act who won Tribute Band of the Year in 2015 is ineligible to receive that award in 2016. However, the group who won Album of the Year in 2015 is eligible to be nominated in 2016 if they have a new studio album out. (Runner ups can be nominated since they didn’t win).

Will I be notified of my nomination?
You will be contacted by Limelight Magazine either by e-mail or through Facebook before public voting begins.

When does public voting begin and end?
Public voting runs for one week. It begins on Saturday, February 27, at noon and ends on Friday, March 4, at 11:45 PM.

How many times can someone vote?
Only four votes per I.P. address count. The system allows you to vote more than this but only the first four votes will count.

I’ve been nominated for an award, can I perform at the awards ceremony?
Between eight and ten artists will be randomly selected from all the nominees and asked to perform at the awards show.

I’ve been selected to perform, does this mean I’ve won an award?
Once again, you’ve been randomly selected to perform. This does not mean that you’ve won an award.

Do nominees have to pay for tickets?
Unfortunately, we have to charge everyone who attends, except the musicians who are performing at the awards ceremony. It is our hope to one day get enough sponsors to cover our overhead costs but that hasn’t happened as of yet. All proceeds from the awards show go toward our efforts to support and promote the local music scene in New England.

Are the musicians who’ve won an award told beforehand?
No. The winners are only announced at the awards ceremony, with the exception of the special award (i.e. Legend, Unsung Hero) recipients.

I have a gig or another commitment on the night of the music awards, can you please tell me if I’ve won?
No. Unfortunately, secrets are never kept and we abide by our own rules. If you cannot attend and no one can accept on your behalf, we will notify you on the following day and your award can be picked up at a mutually agreeable location.

I have a medical emergency and I’m going in for surgery on the day of the music awards, can you please tell me if I’ve won?
Under no circumstances will we reveal the winners ahead of time.

I’m unable to attend the music awards ceremony. Will I find out if I won and how can I pick up my award?
The winners will be announced on our website the day after the awards show. Anyone who wasn’t in attendance can arrange to pick up the award at the Spire Center on the day of one of their shows. Please contact the Spire directly at

How can my business sponsor the Limelight Magazine Music Awards?
We offer two affordable sponsorship packages that range from $150 to $250. Here’s how your business will be showcased through your generous sponsorship.

Package #1: $150
• Your business will be featured on the online poll. We’re once again expecting over 40,000 votes.
• Your logo (or business name) will be placed on all promo materials for the music awards, including posters, flyers and web-based ads.
• Your logo (or business name) will be placed in any handouts for the event.
• At least one mention per week until the music awards on our Facebook pages. We reach over 5,000 people.

Package #2: $250
• All of the above, plus:
• A clickable sidebar ad on our website,, that will run until June 30, 2015. Our website typically gets over 3,500 unique visitors per week.
• One ad in our monthly e-blast that is sent to nearly 15,000 people to promote our upcoming events. Our open rate is between 50 and 57 percent and our list keeps growing.

If you are interested in a sponsorship, please contact our publisher, JKB Entertainment Group, by e-mail at by February 19, 2016.

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