Sneak Peek – Nominees revealed for Limelight Music Awards ’20

It’s Primary Tuesday, March 3rd, in Massachusetts and that means our Limelight Magazine Readers’ Poll is now open for you to vote for your favorite local musicians in 16 categories. The poll will close on Monday, March 9th, at 11:45 PM. 

We’d like to thank the New England Music Awards for coming on board as the primary sponsor for this event. We’d also like to thank Music Go Round, Athena’s by Michelle M., Boston Rock Radio, East Coast Alice – The Ultimate Alice Cooper Experience, Kokopelli Realty, Rick’s Music World, Seth’s Rock Report, Shell Shock Acoustic, Soundcheck Studios, Taylespun Studio Contemporary Fine Art, Underground Recording Co., as well as Don Burton Media, Purchase Street Records, and the Vault Music Hall for sponsoring the individual awards.


We are excited to announce the nominees for this year’s Limelight Magazine Music Awards!

Unlike previous years, the nominating process has been tweaked slightly to reflect feedback from musicians and local music fans. So, instead of the ballot being decided entirely by fans, this year the nominating process was decided by music industry professionals and the general public. For two weeks in early February, we solicited nominations from local industry professionals including John Shea of Almost Famous on 95.9 WATD, Cat Wilson of The Cheap Seats, Katie Botelho of Limelight Magazine, and Adam N. Signore of Mark Skin Radio. Then, we solicited nominations from the general public for one week from February 16 to 22. The top nominees in 16 categories made the ballot.

A special, all-ages awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 27, 2020, beginning at 2 p.m. at the Vault Music Hall, located at 791 Purchase Street in New Bedford, MA, where the winners will be revealed. Advance tickets can be purchased online by clicking HERE.

To keep up with all of our promotions for the event, we encourage you to “like” our Facebook fan page by clicking HERE if you haven’t already done so.

Public voting starts Primary Tuesday, March 3rd at noon, and will close Monday, March 9th, at 11:45 PM. Check back here on Tuesday at noon for a link to the poll.

After voting ends, seven artists will be randomly selected from all the nominees and asked to perform at the awards show. If an artist is unavailable, we will draw again until we have seven performers. Please note that performing at the ceremony does not mean that artist has won an award.

If you have any questions, many of them will likely be answered HERE. Please take the time to read this before contacting us with any questions. If you need to reach us, e-mail the preferred means of communication. Contact us at

Here are this year’s nominees:

Album/EP of the Year (Group)  (Sponsored by Purchase Street Records)

  • Bad Marriage – Bad Marriage
  • The Blue Ribbons – Thoughts and Prayers
  • The DayBreakers – Worn Out Dream
  • First Bourne – Pick Up The Torch
  • Red Reveal – Red Reveal
  • Renegade Cartel – Dear World
  • Special Guests – Alumninaughty
  • The Varsity Club – Cobblestones

Album/EP of the Year(Solo Artist)  (Sponsored by Underground Recording Co.)

  • Katie Dobbins – There is Light
  • Carissa Johnson – A Hundred Restless Thoughts
  • Brandon Manter – Off My Mind
  • Amanda McCarthy – Road Trip
  • Grace Morrison – Reasons
  • Monica Rizzio – Sunshine is Free
  • Brian Sances – All My Might
  • Jennifer Truesdale – Trough the Circle

 Band of the Year (Sponsored by Music Go Round)

  • Bad Marriage
  • Crooked Coast
  • The DayBreakers
  • The Devils Twins
  • First Bourne
  • Lily Black
  • Exit 18
  • Moment of Clarity

Country Artist of the Year  (Sponsored by Vault Music Hall)

  • Back Rhodes
  • Houston Bernard Band
  • Blame the Whiskey
  • Annie Brobst
  • Darren Bissette Band
  • April Cushman
  • Martin and Kelly
  • Carly Tefft

 Female Vocalist of the Year (Sponsored by Athena’s by Michelle M)

  • Giuliana Amaral (of Legacy)
  • Gianna Botticelli (a.k.a. Ghost Grl)
  • Kala Farnham
  • Bethany Lawson (of Plastic Angels)
  • Shonna Lee (of Payback)
  • Sarah Levecque
  • Julie Rhodes
  • Amalia Ververis (of Melic Moon)

Frontperson of the Year  (Sponsored by East Coast Alice – The Ultimate Alice Cooper Experience)

  • Nicole Marie Coogan (The Devil’s Twins)
  • Ben Cote (The Ben Cote Band)
  • Alexa Economou (blindspot)
  • Sean FitzGerald (The NB Rude Boys)
  • Carly Kraft (Coral Moons)
  • Jon Paquin (Bad Marriage)
  • James Rohr (The Blue Ribbons)
  • Jackson Wetherbee (The Elovaters)

 Hard Rock/Metal Act of the Year  (Sponsored by Boston Rock Radio)

  • Afterimage
  • Devil in the Mist
  • Heavy AmericA  
  • One Time Mountain
  • Purging Sin
  • Red Sky Mary
  • SiXteenX20
  • Verscythe

 Live Artist of the Year  (Sponsored by Rick’s Music World)

  • The Ben Cote Band
  • Bird Mancini
  • Ashley Jordan
  • Lady Lupine
  • Sons Lunaris
  • Jay Psaros
  • Soul Box
  • We Own Land

 Male Vocalist of the Year  (Sponsored by Soundcheck Studios)

  • Sam Luke Chase
  • Nate Cozzolino
  • Shaun England
  • Chris Fitz
  • Joe Merrick
  • Sam Robbins
  • Michael Spaulding
  • Sam Vlasich (of Red Sky Mary)

 New Artist of the Year  (Sponsored by Music Go Round)

  • Amplifier Heads
  • Blacktop Strut
  • Coral Moons
  • Left of Love
  • Major Moment
  • Melic Moon
  • Red Reveal
  • Abigail Vail

Singer/Songwriter of the Year (Sponsored by Taylespun Studio Contemporary Fine Art)

  • Cara Brindisi
  • Katie Dobbins
  • Kathleen Healy
  • Mary McAvoy
  • Brian Sances
  • Hayley Sabella
  • Ilene Springer
  • Matt Zajac

 Song of the Year (Sponsored by Shell Shock Acoustic)

  • Beautiful Tuesday – “Manteca”
  • Coral Moons – “Fall In Love”
  • Crooked Coast – “Summer”
  • Mark Erelli – “Her Town Now”
  • Lockette – “In the Dark”
  • Amanda McCarthy – “Tiki Bar”
  • Parts Per Million – “No More Days”
  • Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections – “Dirty Little Secret”

Tribute Band of the Year  (Sponsored by Music Go Round)

  • Abraxas – A Tribute to Santana
  • The American Who – A Tribute to The Who
  • Heartbreaker – A Tribute to Led Zeppelin
  • Judas Rising – A Tribute to Judas Priest
  • Live Bullet – A Tribute to Bob Seger
  • The Sickness – A Tribute to Disturbed
  • We Are Hydrogen – A Tribute to Phish
  • The Young Americans – A Tribute to David Bowie

 Video of the Year (Group)  (Sponsored by Seth’s Rock Report)

  • Bad Marriage – “Gateway Drug”
  • blindspot – “Upside Down”
  • Damnation – “Fighting For”
  • Grenon – “Goodbye”
  • Groundlift – “Outta My Head”
  • Major Moment – “May Leave Scars”
  • Special Guests – “Spring Break”
  • The Wolff Sisters – “Drive”

Video of the Year (Solo Artist)  (Sponsored by Don Burton Media)

  • Lisa Bastoni – “Nearby”
  • Kate Eppers – “The Wishing Well”
  • Will Evans – “Family Tree”
  • Kala Farnham – “David”
  • Jamie Hart – “Get Closer”
  • Josh Knowles – “Same”
  • Daniel Miller (featuring Ward Hayden) – “Your Man”
  • Prateek Poddar – “The Gang’s All Gone”

Young Performer of the Year  (Sponsored by Kokopelli Realty)

  • American Ink
  • Sam Chetkin
  • Color Killer
  • Grenon
  • Off Kilter
  • The Nolan Leite Experience
  • Morrissey Blvd
  • Roll Over White

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – Nominees revealed for Limelight Music Awards ’20”

  1. Bad Marriage deserves to win in their
    They have worked so hard and sound so good
    They never let their fans down
    They give it their all at every show , ever time

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